Select quantity of children according to age groups

Due to current capacity restrictions to provide maximum number available play slots for children, per family or per group will be allowed 1 complimentary adult. Additional adult will be charged $7.50 per person subject to availability on site. Thank you for your understanding.

Toddlers (before turning 3 years old on the day of visit) $27.00/toddler
Children (3 years old & above) $37.00/child

Online Bistro Menu Promotion

These carefully curated dishes are exclusively for our online customers. They are not available at our in-store menu.
Handpicked by our own Chef, these creations are delectably offered at a special price to complement your admission options for Amazonia.
The food and drinks are prepared with high level of hygiene and we have implemented some precautionary measures to ensure your safety.
Please kindly select the menu sets below or proceed to the next page to fill in your registration details.

No. Description Price Quantity
  • Amazonia Club Sandwich with Crispy Fries
  • Amazonia Fish & Chips with Crispy Fries and Salad
  • Belgian Waffle with Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Monte Cristo Trammezone Sandwich
  • Tuna Trammezone Sandwich